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First of all, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHELION! Ethelion is a year old now, she just celebrated her birthday last April 4th. I was gonna give her a new layout for her birthday and was gonna update a lot of things when suddenly, something unfortunate happened. When I got back from my vacation, my computer is good as dead. I still haven't got any new ones until now so I'm just back to renting at shops once again.

Anyway, I got tons of pictures from my vacation. I still haven't uploaded all of them, again because of my terrible computer. XD I had fun though, but missed a lot of things from the city. I got sunburns, I missed the sea, so one can blame me. Hahaha.

Well, I still have a lot of things to say but for now, it's ta-ta. I'll just update this blog post when there's the need of it. Ja na~


This is life~

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WOOHHHH!!! (*0*)/ Banzai~ I just reached the 1,000 hits for Ethelion! Yay! I'd like to thank all the people who visits this cute and crazy website *hugs everyone* little Aki loves you all.

Anyhow, it's time for me to share something extraordinarily impossible and yet stupid... aherm. Ren Ichinose was in my dream last night... aherm, I repeat, Ren Ichinose was in my dream last night. How did it happen? I don't know myself.

At first I was inside a mall (probably cutting classes because I'm still in uniform). Somebody was chasing me, an old lady it's creepy and she's also in uniform so I suspect she's the principal of the school or just one of the faculty members? Anyways, yep I reached the fifth floor of the mall just to hide away from her. Somehow I managed to get out of the mall, only to find myself I'm in the wrong exit so I have to run around to see the main entrance again. FUFUFU! And there was a man in the dark, when I saw him I immediately turned around and ran (what a paranoid primitive Eve?). And when I got home, I fell asleep because I was indescribably tired.

The next morning I woke up I'm in uniform again. School is haunting me... Then I used a train to go to school. A TRAIN! I'm supposed to be on a bus, but oh well... when I bought my train ticket, I didn't receive any change - because I gave the booth Php100 and the booth said to just wait for my next stop. Strange ticket booth. So, at this rate I'm no longer feeling okay, and I felt really sick. I even returned to the ticket booth to find KULA's name. Kula, what were you doing there? You're the ticket lady... XD And so Kula told me that she doesn't have enough penny for the change and she asked me exactly "I can give you your change later, what is your twitter account so I could follow you?" I don't see the connection but I somewhat gave Kula my YEAR and CLASS instead of my twitter account. REALLY GUYS. Where's the connection? So I've decided to just forget about my change first and head for school.

When I entered my classroom I felt a chill, like I'm freezing like hell. I was 15 minutes late for my first class and I immediately took a seat beside this man. His bag was currently sitting on my table and when he's about to take it, nuuuu I just hugged it like hell and cuddled it. And I heard him say "Hey, what's wrong?" and he held my hand and he said "Sh**, you're freezing and trembling." and then he rubbed my back and he didn't let go of my hand. I heard the teacher said "Pass your papers!" and the other dude said "Ren, your paper." and the dude holding my hand and half-hugging me said "Oh yeah, just give it to her. This one is really sick." GWAH! Ren, what are you doing!? And I just faintly said "Ren... thank you." AND ASFGHJKL@#$%^&*! I woke up.

What the hell happened after that!?
And KULA!!! Where's my change!?!


Happy Water Dragon!

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Yes, yes, hello everyone! It's year 2012 - the year of the Water Dragon. No, really? It's 2012 already? It's my year! I should be happy. Anyways, there's nothing much for me to tell. I've been busy writing a novel and designing its characters. I even fell in love with the man of the story. :inlove: He's undoubtedly gorgeous like... I don't know. I will be uploading the current drawings I have for the novel here so wait for it. I'll update this blog post when the images are online. Woot!

Recently, I brought my fanlisting collective back because I wasn't able to purchase the domain I was planning last Christmas. I didn't expect I'd be that broke in the day of Papa J's birthday. :cry: Maybe it's not just the right time to purchase a new one so I'm hoping for luck this year. Speaking of which, Ethelion will expire three months from now. Holy carrot! I must keep my allowance for that... guuuhhhhh! What to do? What to do? :cry:

[EDIT: 16.JAN.2012]

Current designs for The Cole.
Ciel (solo left), Ciel and Cecilla (right W.I.P.)
Click the image to view its full size.