4th PyroMusical Competition

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So right after we went to Tagaytay, Byce asked me out again--to attend the 4th Philippine PyroMusical Competition, held at the SM Mall of Asia. The very first time I've attended (or watched rather) the PyroMusical competition was way back in 2010 if I'm not mistaken, with my high school friend Anne (who happens to be Byce's bestfriend's girlfriend) and ate Freya (Elise's, my high school friend as well, older sister) and kuya Allan (ate Freya's husband).

Again, Byce and I met up at Jollibee (what's with Jollibee?) and a surprise! We were both wearing gray shirts and we didn't plan about it. And somehow I love Byce's body spray, to the point that I've pressed my face onto his chest to sniff off the scent. What a bold move that made Byce backed off a little out of shock? Dear Jesus me... Sometimes my actions scares me afterwards for not thinking first.

  1. 4th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition - AU vs CN
  2. World's largest crocodile - Lolong
  3. Me and Byce inside the Digital Planetarium Theater
  4. Me and Byce inside the Digital Planetarium Theater
  5. Me and Byce posing with the shark inside the Science Discovery Center
  6. And this cute vintage Volkswagen Beetle

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Trip to Upland with Papa Byce

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I nearly can't believe what just happened today. Byce and I were more of acquaintances for the past 6 years. We just got a hold of a bunch of real conversations through Facebook when I've posted a status about Ragnarok around January this year. And then, after a few bunch of messages, calls and SMS, he asked me to go unwind. Here we go to Tagaytay. I love nature and it's been a while since I step foot in Tagaytay. It was really awesome. The entire day was really awesome and I did have fun.

How did it start anyway? Hohoho. I was 30 minutes late. We're supposed to meet at 8:00 and I arrived 30 minutes past 8, I think? Oh my God, this is our first time going out somewhere just the two of us and I'm late. Well, that's because my mother asked me to clean the bathroom before taking a bath. So, I was left with no choice but to do the said chore. That's the reason why I got late. And since I'm already late, I wasn't able to eat breakfast. Byce is quite thoughtful to buy me a burger so I'll have something to eat while traveling. We talked a lot of things while in the bus (and I was really clueless where we're actually heading, coz I asked him where he's taking me and he said it's a surprise). XD

First we went to Picnic Grove where lots of horses to ride, zip lines and a bunch of places to eat. Well, we didn't eat there actually, we just rode the zip line, took some pictures, explore the place and sat on the grass while taking a break. Yep, we did sat on the grass with a blanket since a lot of tables were already occupied. We watched a few videos from his phone and even played chess. Well that's some good thing to kill boredom while taking a break.

It was lunch break when we left Picnic Grove and we were off to find a place to eat. I forgot the place but we ate at Rai Rai Ken (a Japanese restaurant). It was kind of funny because I've ordered a lot seriously, I wasn't thinking. I was thirsty and hungry and I want to eat, that's what I was thinking. Although I did remind Byce that the food there is a bit expensive and suggested if we could eat somewhere way cheaper... but he declined, so Rai Rai Ken it is. I ordered a bowl of ramen, and forgot what he ordered. Geez when you're hungry you tend to forget to focus on other things. Hahaha! We shared our food actually. Which is really sweet.

  1. So, welcome to Picnic Grove! And an awesome view of Taal Lake
  2. Taking a picture of the zip line while deciding whether to ride one or not XD
  3. I didn't know I have this stolen shot
  4. Yay~! Residence Inn, meeting with my long lost cousins! XD
  5. This cute tiger cub right at the entrance that I want to take home lol
  6. And what a good way to spend the night riding these at Sky Ranch?
  7. Me and Byce at the carousel, our last ride :3

Our next stop was the Residence Inn, of course we first savor the view of Mt. Taal outside Rai Rai Ken after eating. Residence Inn is a zoo. Hahah! But yeah it was really nice, we took some pictures of random animals and even got a selfie with the baby tiger near the entrance. I can tell he was really scared with the tiger coz I was asking him to rub the cat as well but he refused. XD I was dying to hug the cub but they didn't allow me. Moment lost. But that's okay, I was able to rub him anyways. Then! These lions! I caught them mating inside their cage! OMG. I was like geez cats, get a room but I was trying to take a picture. How silly of me? Hahaha.

Another moment lost: I was so eager to do horseback riding XD I resisted for an unknown reason. Although he told me to ride one a couple of times but I don't know.. maybe I was just shy or something.

Our last stop is of course, the newly opened Sky Ranch; an amusement park and a good way to spend the rest of twilight . I think Byce is a bit of a hopeless romantic wahahah! There's too many people when we arrived, huge waiting line to pay your entrance fee. But that's okay, it's worth the wait. First ride? This freaking viking, a huge viking-ship-like that swings in the air to and fro. I was really brave to actually drag Byce to sit at the back, which would actually stop to a 90 degrees momentum. It wasn't my first time riding a viking though, the very first time I rode the same thing was when I was 10 years old; anchor's away in Enchanted Kingdom. OMG! Our legs were shaking the entire ride and I was already groping Byce's arm! I swear I could already hug him pretty tight he'd choke from that angle. The outcome? I fell asleep. I didn't faint. I just fell asleep, seriously. Well, Byce thought I fainted. He was waking me but I didn't wake up after the ride. And my legs were weak from the shock, that it left Byce with no choice but to carry me off the stupid ship to a bench nearby.

We were laughing and chuckling like crazy when we were taking a break at the bench, and talked about how we're about to die during the viking ride. Seriously, I even tried to lay flat on the bench with his lap as my pillow whoops, I'm not trying to do anything malicious I was dead tired, I felt like my entire human organs were flipped upside-down. Lessons learned: never sit at the back of the stupid ship ever again.

...to be continued.


Sebby-chan + ToyCon 2012

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Hello everyone! It's been months now and I can't say how dellusional it has been since the last post. You haven't heard from me, yes? Alright, let's get this started. :dead: As promised, as a late birthday present for my domain collective, here comes the hot butler Sebby-chan! I know it's quite late but the gift is still at the same time frame, right? So there's no need for dramas about it. Honestly, one of the reasons why I wasn't able to change versions in time is because I can't think of a new design that would suit my insanity. Then I finally came up with a conclusion after several weeks of struggling with my nails - Breakdown!

Recently, I've attended Toy and Gaming Convention last June 17 with my friend. I haven't seen my target there, which is a bishie Shizuo Heiwajima cosplayer. There was one, but... oh well, to my perfect, and incoherent dismay, I went rampage. *facepalm* BUT! I was able to cool down when I saw a good cosplayer of Sebby-chan~ :inlove: He's pretty I almost thought he's gay, I confused myself because of him. There were also a few of bishounen cosplayers that I harassed! I'm so happy! They were pretty nice to not just take normal pictures with me, I felt like tearing up because of joy. XD Fangirling strikes again!

(Me with Sanji, and Jeycee with cuties)

(Some crafts that were made out of scraps)

I actually brought my hand-made chikara hats in this event, like the one I'm wearing in the picture (called it the frog prince), only that the face of the frog was not visible. XD Epic fail hahah. Jeycee was wearing the pedo bear chikara hat that I gave him, it was supposed to be a gift but he paid for it XD.