The magic square... ^^

Written by Lucifer 22nd September 2007 @ 1:39 AM 0 comment(s) Bloodbath, Others, Mind Breaker

I've been awake 'til two in the morning lately because of some puzzle that Nate had given me. Urh, actually I got the third order of the magic square by putting the number 1 on the middle top of the cell. On Nate's given, it is the number 8 that's in the middle top of the cell on which I can't do the right moves to get the third order. Nyaks... so whatever God forsaken reason may come that I can't control, I'll never stop until I get the third order. But I think the given is indeed wrong... (the given that Nate's professor gave them). hahah.



Written by Lucifer 21st September 2007 @ 8:48 AM 1 comment(s) INdisguise101, Fansite, Others

Yay! At last the main temple of mine is already up! I admit that there's nothing to click in here yet but the news page is already here. *claps*<br /><br />Kawaii yo ne... please don't hesitate to revisit my temple. Minna, arigatou gozaimasu!