Version 2.0 - Last Exile

Written by Lucifer 22nd March 2008 @ 10:41 AM 0 comment(s) INdisguise101

Waw... a new version of ikiDO shoKU's layout hahah! :dead: Actually, I saw the layout at SeaBreezed but the layout content is too small so I edited it. I also altered the styles and add some css codes to it. :dead: <i>I apologize.... eherm.</i><br /><br />Then I also changed the media box and the music is entitled as "I Miss You", a background music from the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Eheheh... so that's all for now. Uh wait! I also changed the time format of the news.<br /><br /> ja ne minna-san!


What in the world..?

Written by Lucifer 20th March 2008 @ 3:26 PM 2 comment(s) INdisguise101, Bloodbath, Others

Yeah now I'm perfectly pissed...<br />I've been very busy this midnight up until now and when I've decided to take a break (go to dA, check my profiles and messages.. have some chat, etc) dAmn!!! I'm not expecting what I've read. Why is it no one knows how to read someone's profile in devART? And then have the guts to post my stolen tag on her journal saying that "hope she doesn't mind..." WHUT!?! A she? :beh:<br /><br />Ahahah... I want to laugh but then it pissed me off. So there, wahahah. I'm also perfectly fine now, I'm no longer pissed and I'm no longer mad. After reading her notes and she's apologizing, then there's no reason for me not to accept her apology so I have forgiven her already. I would look like a too damn war-freaky-humanoid but that's only on my journal entries. My one way of expressing my anger is through writing.. next is through kicking the wall.. then on throwing something whatever my hands reached. And I'm starting to calm myself through biting my thumb's nail.. then on to sucking my thumb.. then smiles. That's just a simple cycle of a person's life when in the verge of war-freaking mind.<br /><br />Oh yeah before I've forgotten anything important after this horrid activities, heheh... I've added the <a href="/minority/main.php?hitlist">Hitlist</a> page. The only page where I list my precious and lovely dA friends and watchers. try to check them and see if your name is on the list. If you can't find it, please note me/email me immediately and I'll add you up. *Ooppss.. for dA users only, heheh. So that's all for tonight, no further updates this coming days because this one is already done. Ciao!


Unknown Stranger

Written by Lucifer 18th March 2008 @ 4:55 PM 4 comment(s) INdisguise101

Waw! I would almost love to smash my head on the wall. What is this new site of mine? *Darn... why can't I be so contented on one site? Okay anyway, ikiDO shoKU is really different to the main site INdisguise101. Why? 'Coz INdisguise101 is my online portfolio for my mangas and written stories while this, the ikiDO shoKU is my personal blog *which can be also called as an online diary. :dead:<br /><br />So now, the links on the left hand side are empty... kakabukas ko pa lang naman kasi ng site. All of the main files aren't uploaded yet kaya sarado muna sila pansamantala. Isa pa, kakalipat ko lang din naman ng server kaya under revamp pa ang lahat. Atat lang siguro akong maglagay ng news ngayon kahit hindi naman nararapat. :serious:<br /><br />I'm hoping to finish this site by Friday (I don't want to promise but I'll try.) Isa pa........ wala pa akong tulog ngayon. Wahahahah, hindi ko na alam kung ano porma ng mata ko. Kung ganito ba (=_=) or ganyan (@_@) nyahahah! Kaya yan na lang muna sa ngayon.