Birthday Celebration

Written by Aki 29th December 2008 @ 3:00 PM 5 comment(s) INdisguise101, Bloodbath, Others

Oh no, don't get too excited. It's not my birthday celebration.. it's my big bro's heheh. Yeah, Dec. 29, 1979 is the bornday of my beloved big brother and he's.. 30? Oh my God.. XD Already 30 but still a bachelor! Wahahah~ :sick: And because it's my brother's birthday celebration, there's a lot of food on the dining table once again. Then the other food will be dined on New Year's Eve.. double celebration! (What about my birthday? I only have a cake and an ice cream.. no spaghetti, menudos, putos and lumpias. :sad:) Yay! My brother is 10 years older than me -- and I'm the youngest! :dead:


Merry Christmas to all!

Written by Aki 24th December 2008 @ 10:13 PM 0 comment(s) Bloodbath, Others

Yey~ Christmas eve already! What do you have for Christmas? What do you wish for Christmas? Aheheh.. as for me and my family, we have the sweet buko salad with fruit cocktails and anything you can add on it XD, we have the pancit (uh-lala~), we have the menudos and adobos, of course my love of all leche flan.. no cakes and ice creams T^T huhuhu. Here's the list for my wish list! (uh, hey.. you already have a wishlist navigation on the left side *paranoid*) <-- no.. that's for every occasions! :dead:


Version 3 - Spilled

Written by Aki 11th December 2008 @ 11:27 AM 0 comment(s) INdisguise101

Okay now I've moved on version 3 already. It's also because I'm not satisfied on the second version.. sorry everyone for the sudden change of my blog's theme. :dead: But now it's already done.. that's what I think. In case that you see some errors on the other pages and else, please do <a href="domain.php?contact">contact</a> me and report the error so that I could fix it immediately. :smiling: