Move... Move!

Written by Aki 10th June 2009 @ 3:09 PM 0 comment(s) INdisguise101, Fansite, Bloodbath

:sick: I thought it would be easy but it's more difficult than I ever expected. Moving folders and files from a different host to another is really tiring. I don't know where to start! :cry: I was thinking about moving the fansites I made on GeoCities first before the others but my mind is going so random. >.< My eyes hurts!


It's time to kill, my love!

Written by Aki 07th June 2009 @ 4:57 PM 0 comment(s) INdisguise101, Bloodbath

It's been years that I've been thinking how to compile all of my finished and unfinished fansites in one domain. Since I am a very cheap person, I don't want to pay for hosting so yeah... I put up my fansites in a free webhosting; the former GeoCities. It's dead. Yahoo! killed poor GeoCities and so my fansites no longer have their own home.<br /><br />But I am not worried about that myself. :mad: In fact, I am off to kill something now because I have my own home! Yay me! I just transferred so all of the fansites and fanlistings are closed for now.


Happy New Year!!!

Written by Aki 31st December 2008 @ 1:38 PM 0 comment(s) Bloodbath

<b>HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!</b><br /><br />Yey~ 2009; the year of the Ox is almost a half hour away. Fireworks, fountains and other kinds of deadly firecrackers are now on the loose again. XD What the heck am I talking here? >.< Anyways, eherm~ busog na busog na naman ako ngayong gabi sa dami ng nakahaing pagkain sa aming hapag-kainan. Ni hindi na nga ako magkandaugaga kanina sa pagpili kung ano ang uunahin kong isubo sa aking bibig. :sick: (waaahhh~ ang usok na ng kapaligiran!) Daming mga kwitis, pero ang pinakaaabangan ko lang naman talaga ay ang mga FIREWORKS! Yeah, you can call me a firework-psychopath. Waw! Pinakawalan na nung iba yung mga sinturon ni Hudas nila habang ako busy sa pagta-type ng blog ko for New Year. T^T Pero heto sige, bibilisan ko na ang pagta-type at nang makababa na ako at makalabas ng bahay!