Experience and Top Hat

Written by Aki 09th March 2011 @ 11:45 PM 0 comment(s) Bloodbath, Others, Worm House

I had an experience yesterday! It was my first time going to Ayala, Makati Philippines on my own and I thought I'd be lost in that city. Ahahah I was kinda lost, like I asked each security guards that I spotted in that place. So I took a bus ride from school going to Ayala and I asked the conductor to drop me off at Paseo de Roxas (because I have no Earthly idea where Paseo de Roxas is). Then when I arrived at Paseo de Roxas, it was an intersection, so I was like... "Uhh, now what?" XD I remembered the person I'm going to meet up told me to walk straight at the Paseo de Roxas street until I reach the BPI building then walk forward again to reach Greenbelt 1. Like the hell it's easy to find! O.O Greenbelt 1 was in the inner part of Paseo de Roxas that's why I walked the freaking long street wondering off, cloaking as if I'm not lost. XD


Why the sudden hiatus?

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I don't wonder that myself. I put up the entire site into hiatus because of the reason that I'll be switching to another version. But that wasn't all of it. When I was in the verge of making this second version, something unexpected happened. I got measles. For the win! I was so sick and because of this I was in two weeks bed rest. No school, no computer, no <strike>Facebitch</strike>, no hullabaloo and most of all, no bathe! Then I was admitted to this freaking hospital due to my face. I don't have any earthly idea what exactly happened to my face but they said it was big. Maybe it's because of the lumps? But anyways, my life at the hospital is like hell. No, seriously. :serious: Both my arms were in terrible pain because they can't put up the dextrose on my veins and it was totaled in <b>8</b> major failed attempts because my veins were bulging. GAH! So I told the psychotic nurses to just kill me instead of punching another hole on my arms. I reign supreme though, hahahah. Okay, enough of my sickness and pains. XD


Works are piled up

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:sick: I've been sick for a week and another week bed rest. Still, moving of the files are not done yet! >.< But I'm happy to have finished moving my fansite of <a href="http://shinji.ethelion.net/" target="_blank">Shinji Hirako</a>! :dead: Yay! Please feel free to visit the fansite if you are not aware of who Shinji Hirako is. Another thing about the fansite, moving my fansite of Kisuke Urahara may take a while; that's because I am currently revamping the entire site from its layout design to its contents. I need to change the old layout because it's very old school :thinking: since I made it before I became proficient with Adobe Photoshop. Another moving of the fansite that will be delayed is Hideto Takarai's (aka HYDE)! :stubborn: Summer is coming so I will do everything I can during that period.