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I've finally purchased the domain, now it just needs activation and such then I will be moving the entire network again for the third time. It's been weeks and I wasn't able to compose another blog post just until today because I lost my internet connection. How very unfortunate of me? :dead: I'm pretty excited because this would be my very first domain~<br /><br />I plan to have my fansites their own subdomain and my fanlisting collective will be under this network. BANZAI~! I just hope my webspace would be enough for some other things that's still waiting for addition here. Speaking of fanlisting... I now have 4 approved fanlistings!<br /><br />What else happened to me this past few weeks? I don't think I gained weight but some people said I got a lil fat... like I'm no longer skins and bones. XD Well, as I've mentioned on the first paragraph, I lost my internet because of unpaid bills. LMAO! Then, that's it. :thinking:


Tiring weeks

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I have two consecutive tiring weeks... this week, is our pre-finals week and next week would be the finals. Yesterday was the most tiring day of this year. I had three pre-finals exam on Solid Mensuration, Analytic Geometry and Theology 3. I felt really exhausted after the day because of the pressures that if I fail these exams, chances are I won't be able to take up my final examination. That means I fail to pass the subject itself. So I'm really worried. Our professor in Analytic Geometry and Solid Mensuration, to make sure we'll have extra points to pass the subjects, gave us projects to these subjects. That project is the damn 45-items problem solving from the very first topic up to the last. :cry: Mother... I don't know if I'll be able to finish the projects or if I'll be able to answer them all but I'm praying for the best.


Not your usual day

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I don't know what to say but this isn't a usual day for me. I woke up from a bad dream, just categorized as a bad dream because it's not too scary to be a nightmare. But it was a dream about children hanging themselves outside this one specific house that I slept in. I'm not sure who was the owner of the house but I know that I am somewhat related to the people living on it. So on this dream, I woke up at 10 in the morning. Still sleepy with groggy face, I went out and stayed at the terrace to have some fresh air... and to my surprise when I turned left, I saw a girl floating in the air, she hung herself on the freaking terrace with eyes still open. And when I saw her, she was like looking down at me :dead: I ran back inside the house to wake up the people in there and when I went outside at the backdoor to wash my face with cold water, I saw another kid, this time it's a boy who also hung himself at the truss of the ceiling. I was like "What the hell in the world is happening?" XDDDD I had a dream about deaths woot!