Hello Rudolf, Welcome Santa!

Written by Aki 03rd December 2011 @ 1:12 PM 2 comment(s) INdisguise101, Fanlisting, Bloodbath

It's December and 2011 is nearing its end! :cry: I don't know why I'm quite sad that 2011 will soon be a history, probably because of how time flies fast and all of us are getting old each days. :serious: Anywho, enough of that ridiculous tale. SO - I've been quite busy last weekends and the entire week I've done nothing but to pest the termites in our ceiling (although I have no idea if there really is LOL). I've been busy the entire Saturday from morning until Sunday morning because we've prepared for a birthday party. Yup, I was one with the people peeling carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic and chopping them all afterwards. I didn't dare try to chop the onions - it stinks and it makes me cry, and because of those onions I've had colds the entire day! :sick: The party started around dinner but we've prepared too early so we could at least have a little rest in the afternoon before entertaining the visitors.


New Versions and Styles to Update

Written by Aki 14th November 2011 @ 9:23 AM 0 comment(s) INdisguise101, Fanlisting, Bloodbath, Others

Hello everyone! It's been months since the last update, I know. Ethelion is not dead yet, I just can't get the right time to update it. :dead: I can't get the right time to update the main site but I can update the entire network. XD First of all, I just celebrated my birthday two days ago. I had cake and I had the chance to buy myself a gift which is the three Pilot G-TEC C3 in colors black, red and blue. My dad told me to attend the mass but I'm too lazy to attend, so I'll just apologize to Papa J for being lazy and it doesn't mean that I don't remember Him at all. Love you Papa J! *hugs* So, today is my niece's birthday. I have no idea if she was able to receive my SMS yesterday because my phone reminded me that I have zero balance in my account. Woot. :thinking: My phone is really poor. Then tomorrow is my sister's birthday, lots of birthdays this month. That means, lots of food too if there's some. :dead: I can't think of any gift to give my sister, it's really sad.


I'm super duper in loveee~!!!

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OH MY GOD, I'M DEEPLY IN LOVE ONCE AGAIN! :stubborn: I'm so sorry for the ultimate caps but I really can't contain myself from going berserk and fangirl-ashing out of this COLD rainy night! :dead: Here's the thing, the very promoter of my sabotaged, sleeping, sensitive, youthful harassment... tada~ <b>YAOI</b>! :inlove: I stopped reading yaoi for like three years at most! That's because due to my horrendous college schedules and continued-working-on-unnecessary-thing-I-called-life-thing. I don't quite actually remember what I've read last. :serious: But anyways, the story began when I was lurking my affiliates section on my fanlisting collective to search for other fanlistings that I could apply for the K.I.M. list - then I stopped at <a href="http://www.snakes-and-dragons.org/">Snakes and Dragons</a> when I saw the fanlisting of Kaede Rukawa & Hanamichi Sakuragi being housed there. I was intrigued... well, in shameless admission, I am indeed a terrifying curious cat. So I thought <i>"well now, returning back to high school days reading Slam Dunk doujinshis?"</i> and then I was like... <em>"Oh HECK! Yaoi time!!!"</em>